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04/02/2013 by Jaki Miles-Windmill




Your ruling planet, Mars, is about to leave Aquarius and move into Pisces. You may feel more introspective and you may experience a sense of ‘other worldliness’ and an awareness of spirituality. You may also feel as if the boundaries between you and others are thinner than usual and that you are affected by others’ experiences this month in ways you are not used to. The past may rear its head but this is a good time to heal old wounds so face it and don’t try to avoid it. Set your mind to ‘positive’ and work through that old pain! You are looking for balance and harmony and will find it – although you may feel that your opinions are not being appreciated as much as they deserve to be.


This is a time to appreciate the world around you. Taking a walk in crisp air searching for signs of Spring will help you to stay grounded. Also, thinking about the best ways to develop your daily routine to best suit what you truly want to get out of your days would be very helpful. You may find that partners are trying to organise your time for you. That’s fine but – be discriminating as to which parts of what they suggest that you respond positively to and which parts you let go in one ear and out of the other. Remember, this month, you’re allowed to be a little self-indulgent. Generally, there will be a lot more good days than bad.


You’re on a bit of a role this month. It’s a time to enjoy yourself. You may well feel a little loved up and the focus may be on how you can improve your home environment in every way from DIY efforts to getting new stuff so that you feel everything there is how you want it to be. You’re planning for the future. You may also be planning holidays and journeys for later in the year. Take advantage of the first half of the month to do all this sorting out, planning and nesting because you’re less likely to feel like it in the second half. There could be a confusing situation at work.


Whether or not you have children, issues involving them could be a source of concern this month. You may feel that you need to gain more harmony and balance in your home, There’s every possibility of achieving this as long as you allow yourself to step out of your usual comfort zone in order to do so. Be prepared to look into your heart to investigate what your really need to make you feel secure and happy rather than carrying on in old patterns of what you usually do to get that. As long as you source your courage and manifest it, you’ll find you can get somewhere that feels clear, balanced, new and bright by the end of the month.


‘Keep calm and carry on’ could be your slogan this week – although, personally, I’ve been irritated by the number of times that has appeared on everything over the last couple of years! Take a mental break from everything if you can at least in the first half of the month – some ‘me’ time in fact (another cliché I dislike!). This is the time of the year when you are always invited to ‘step out of the comfort zone’ (Cliché 3). So do it! Say the things that you have been meaning to say but have not had the nerve for a while, particularly to partners or ‘would be’ partners and start the projects or studies you’ve been meaning to start. You might find your first steps confusing. Just jump in!


Balance your books and get your house in order this month – you’ll enjoy that! Shake off the Christmas/winter blues and feel the Spring rising in your sap. Ooo-errr. You’ve perhaps been a little too serious lately so take up more unusual opportunities, leisure-time wise if you dare. Nevertheless you need to be careful not to put yourself into any real danger. It’s not necessarily a good time to start new relationships because you may not be able to see things clearly and, if you’re in a relationship already, give them a break with the ‘verbals’ (nagging). They are possibly as confused as you are and just as capable at the moment of seeing things clearly.


This month may see you moving from serious to less so to more relaxed. You may well feel as if you are able to put down a burden – and it’s probably about time. Enjoy yourself and socialise. Communicate your true feelings to whoever will listen. Don’t worry if your daily routine is being interrupted. You’ll get through the confusion. Getting away for a holiday, however brief, during this month of February, that would be perfect and very rewarding. Even though you may feel a little isolated at the beginning of the month, the feeling will soon pass so concentrate on the new, the exciting and the ‘wider picture’. Be an eagle, soaring over your life and seeing it as a whole landscape.


Don’t take the re-organisation of how you approach your life so seriously that you forget how to have fun and relax as you do it. My guess is that you think you’re having fun but you’re perhaps forgetting about the side of your ‘Scorpio-ness’ that is used to flirting with the unexpected. OK – so you’ve done too much of that in the past – but don’t give it up altogether. It’s part of what makes you what and who you uniquely are. Investigating and studying murkily interesting areas of life can be both deep and light hearted. It’s possible! One doesn’t need to cancel out anything from being part of the transforming ‘you’ this month. Expect the unexpected romantically but don’t take anything that manifests partner-wise too seriously.


It may seem to others that you never stop talking this month. Give them a break! Some people may take what you say in the wrong way because you may sound a bit over forceful. That being said, there’s every possibility that everything you touch turns to gold – and not just in the material sense. There’s a lot of luck around you as long as you don’t upset anyone with your exuberance. There could be a few confusing problems at home – but even those are unlikely to ruffle your mood as much as they could – or perhaps should. Those of you who are much in the public eye are possibly in the best position for the energy around you to be positively received this month.


The transition grinds on a bit, doesn’t it Capricorn? But there’s a lot to be happy about nevertheless. There’s plenty of potential enjoyment to be had, despite possible confusion surrounding your cash flow. You seem to be getting the help you need to get on with new projects and ideas this month and moving on from the doldrums of last month. Plan for the future and remember that everything in life has its time. Life constantly ebbs and flows. Good times are to be had in February. Go with it. You may be talked about more than usual in your wider circle of friends. Take every opportunity for journeys of all kinds and you can achieve the perspective that may have been eluding you recently.


The Sun and Mercury in your sign at the beginning of the month and Mars, just for a little while, starts the month off with energy and dynamism. However, you may feel that your best efforts, later on, are not being appreciated and your intentions are falling on stony ground. This phase will pass as the month comes to an end. Start to think about innovative ways of handling your money. Work may seem harder than usual but perhaps there is a challenge to reorganise the way that you handle it. If you take the time to do this, your efforts could bring far reaching positive results. Romantically, you are likely to feel loved and appreciated.


Oh confusion! I love the saying, “Dream your dream and walk into it”. This is perfect for you this month because, although you may feel confused and even hurt by circumstances that you feel are out of your control, you really can manifest exactly what you visualise and need. The other side of that is that you might manifest the negative if you dwell on it too – so stop that! You are challenged by life to actively involve yourself in various projects this month so do it please and you’ll be very happy about the results, even if it feels like hard work at the time. I know I’m being bossy but you need a little of that at the moment J.

Jaki Miles-Windmill D.F.Astrol S.


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