After 21/12/2012 – A self centred look at Pluto Conjunct My Sun – Jaki Miles-Windmill


29/01/2013 by Jaki Miles-Windmill

16 Peaceful Rain Storm & FluteButterfly

On 21st December we had an End of The World party. That occasion was followed by Christmas, my birthday, ‘New Year’ and the consequential malaise of body and sluggishness of mind and money flow that always follows. I feel as if I’m just coming out of hibernation and I apologise for not posting anything for a while. It’s been a confusing month.

Astrologically, I’m experiencing Pluto in a grand kind of way. Pluto never does anything by halves. It’s 110% conjunct my Natal Sun. Today, 29th January 2013, Pluto is at 8 degrees 53 minutes of Capricorn in the universe. My Sun is 8 degrees 58 minutes. Pluto digs out the usually hidden secrets from the murky depths of what it touches. It reveals the darkest truths. From facing these truths, death and rebirth, complete transformation can follow – unless you die in the process.

Wow! Last night was odd. I fell upon two particular images from the internet yesterday completely by chance. This doesn’t usually happen to me at all. Both were completely horrific and involved man being vicious to man – one to the point of death, one to the point of a limb being separated from a body – and photographed. The first involved three men smiling at a dead victim, in a horrific pose, the object that had killed him still embedded in his head. Their faces were completely detached from the reality of what they were looking at from a few feet away and they were amused in the way that people are when they are devoid of any shred of empathy. They could have been looking at a child who had perhaps behaved carelessly and tripped over without causing himself any real harm in front of them. I don’t believe they were just kidding. I don’t believe they were hiding their feelings.

I didn’t sleep much. The images stayed with me and my horror and sadness were compounded by the fact that someone saw fit to both photograph both and post them onto the internet. Is it oversensitive of me that I couldn’t sleep because the horror of the images kept me awake? I don’t think so. Typically for someone with Pluto hanging over them, I’m acutely feeling the kind of stuff that, most of the time I manage – like most of us – to ‘deal with’. Should we have to ‘deal with it’? We live with the knowledge that, despite the fact that there are still heinous crimes committed by some people against others, most of us have learned to turn our backs, switch off our minds and float downstream – even without the aid of either drugs or alcohol – because that’s what we feel we have to do.

So, speaking from my Plutonic cloud (and very aware that that’s where I’m currently coming from), I’d like to say that, at this point in my monologue (and from my experience of others’ opinions on these matters), that you may be thinking that this kind of behaviour is ‘part of human nature’. This is a parallel for me with another situation –  when one is discussing the futility of war, there is always someone who will say something along the lines of, “It’s part of human nature. It will never stop.” I’d like to state as strongly as I can that I really don’t believe this. It could – and hopefully, if we go with the kick start that the planets are giving us at the moment and as more awareness that spreads throughout the planet, we will. Callous, horrific cruelty between people – and insensitivity to the plight of others has sadly become accepted behaviour. It’s even formalised by our governments in the case of war.

It’s certainly not part of my nature or that of many many other people throughout the world. And we’re human. We are not ‘unrealistic’ or ‘flaky’ or any of the other pseudo insults that people try to throw at us.  I would say that my sensitivity to two particular images is more honestly part of natural human nature than the insensitivity of those smiling men in the photograph. Because I believe that humanity is innately kind, naturally empathetic and compassionate.

So – I’m feeling it Universe! That’s OK – I can take it – and I’ll process it as best I can while carrying on with my work and keeping my body and mind as healthy as possible. But you’ll never get me to accept violence and perversion as inevitable ‘human behaviour’. That’s an excuse people give themselves. And it’s an horrific lie – as bad as the insensitivity it attempts to cover.

So we need to speak up, don’t we – don’t I? We need to try not to let any kind of lack of empathy pass without comment. We need to put up with the consequential flack. We need to speak up against all levels of negative, power hungry, unfair, prejudiced, racist, cruel behaviour – even if that’s ‘just’ in the form of a picture or a throw away remark on Facebook.

Thank you Pluto. 🙂

Native Wisdom 

‘Like attracts like. If we give up, so will others. If we cry, so will they. But if we decide this is a new beginning, others will take courage. We influence other people. Our attitudes send out ripples of feeling – like the scent of flowers that floats on air currents. What we think and say sets the stage for what is to happen. We can change our minds, our words, our attitudes, and we stop crying. We act like our prayers are already answered and take steps to show we believe it. When the early morning sun breaks through the far side of the woods, the dark places are lighted and much healing takes place. And so it is with us.’

~ Great Spirit, you lived first, and you are older than all need. ~BLACK ELK

———-Halona Akichita Yazzie


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