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30/11/2012 by Jaki Miles-Windmill



‘Off with the old and on with the new…..

Like a snake about to shed its skin, we slither  through space, aligning to Truth and Beauty within the heart of the universe. For a few short moments of time, we will hear her heart beating. In that gift of time and space, we will not deny who we are when we are shown it. We will not ignore it for, if we do, we will die where our old skins lie, crumpled and dry.

 Move smoothly on, wearing your new skins proudly, World of Two and Four Leggeds, World of Plants and Stones, Insects, Reptiles and Water Dwellers, World of Air, Water, Earth and Fire. Look forward with passion, determination and Love. Be positive. Use your new life force wisely and with Truth and Clarity, Strength and Love.’

ARIES: ‘Be first to move with Simplicity and Strength – forward into a New World. Let go of the things that no longer serve and embrace the new things that greet you. There may be moments when it seems that you have nothing. Plenty is to come – a time to break through with your Shield of Courage. You must allow the change.’

TAURUS: ‘Abundance and Fertility is before you. You must stand firm on the earth. Grow and Nurture what you can from the ground and care for the animals. Look after the children. Feel Nurture within the wind. Grow the flowers of ideas and leave the obstinacy behind you. You must allow the change.’

GEMINI: Speak only words that make true sense to you. Join all together and make them smile for this is a gift. Tune into the technology web and spread widely what you hear and find. Photograph the new and the vibrant. Write the truth. Sing songs of Freedom. You must allow the change.’

CANCER: ‘Home can be anywhere. You are the centre of your home. Your true home lies within you and, as such, is everywhere. Your Gentleness is important as is your honesty, that which we need to hear. So do not hide it. Now is a time to be seen. Protect. You must allow the Change.’

LEO: ‘Scream out what you know in your heart. Speak it quietly too. Be seen for the Shining thing you are. Show Love to everyone from your heart. Create colour and demonstrate Spectacle to enable others to see the changes. Protect that which is valuable to you and show others how. You must allow the Change.’

VIRGO: ‘Organise yourself to expect the unexpected. Allow for disruption as part of the Order. You can put right the confusion evolved into a different form. Look for the details that others are missing and speak or write them. Make Order among the new order. You must allow the change.’

LIBRA: ‘Find the Balance within yourself and the pivotal point of Balance in the energy shift. Then radiate it. Surround the world with Peace and Love and, while allowing shifts, don’t allow imbalance. From within you radiates Harmony and Understanding. You must allow the change.’

SCORPIO: ‘Only you can see and face the darkness. Only you can find the jewels of Light within it. Only you can understand the undercurrents and the purpose in them. You must go underground and retrieve the Positivity that lies within and beneath because others can’t. Be alone. Meditate. You must allow the change.’

SAGITTARIUS: ‘Roam freely within the Justice of the moment. Be on the side of Right however that may show itself. Speak it and be it. Then rest within it so that others can feel the confidence and courage to do what is right. You must allow the change.’

CAPRICORN: ‘Build new structures and be responsible for yourself and others. Own your knowledge and tell others. Lead. Be the beacon on the pathway towards the Centre. Illuminate. Don’t be afraid to take control when shape is needed. You must allow the change.’

AQUARIUS: ‘Speak and act for those who cannot do so for themselves. See the broader picture from the viewpoint of the eagle. See and target help where it is most needed. Look within for what you believe in and what is right for the greater Good. You must allow the change.’

PISCES: ‘Dream of the future. The dream of the present is within us all. Make your visions and be in touch with the spirituality of this time. Be an example of Trusting the Unknowing. Enable the magic and purpose of this beautiful time through the Creation of the Dreams. You must allow the change.’


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