WINDMILL-WISE – Your horoscopes for November 2012 – Jaki Miles-Windmill D.F.Astrol.S

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06/11/2012 by Jaki Miles-Windmill



Get it sorted Aries! Again. You are driven to sort stuff out in your life but that probably seems a very unattractive prospect to you at the moment. Life may feel a wee bit ‘samey’ to you. You may also feel compelled to change the way you think/feel about everything – a real metamorphosis of beliefs. This could well feel like too much effort. There could also be a huge urge to escape, travel round the world, find out for yourself…..but you may feel too weighed down by the mundane to do anything much about that. Try verbally communicating with your partner or prospective partners before you leap on them. You might find you get a better result all round.


It could feel like a hugely emotional time when everything that happens – everything that you do or say – becomes ultra important in the grand scheme of your life. It may seem difficult to express the depth of what you’re feeling – it all seems to come out wrong. So write it or record it – and then at the end of the month, review it. Then get it out there somehow to someone who you know needs to understand. But don’t lose it! That’s a possibility so be careful. It’s a great month for planning travel – not doing it. You could be having some worrying dreams or fantasies about past partners. Face what they’re trying to tell you.


Indulge! Enjoy! But be careful not to take physical risks! Walk your talk. Actually it could be difficult to stop you talking for even five minutes this month. But be careful not to be boring or to repeat what you’ve said before to those closest to you. Attempt to be original – that shouldn’t be too difficult and, remember, it’s possible to push love and friendship too far. You are likely to feel like doing, doing, doing this month – but it would be easy to get exhausted – and with your ruler, Mercury going retrograde, you could find that everything you manically do and everyone you manically liaise with, has to be done and dealt with again – properly – in December.


Heavy situation at home, Cancer? Or feel like something there that needs sorting out? You may need to mend something or replace something vital before winter really sets in – check the water/heating situation. If you delay it, you could have real problems later. But please wait until the 26th because, before then, it won’t be straightforward. Feelings about old lovers or old emotional issues that upset you could surface big time. You have to deal with it. You may even have to deal with them in person because there’s a chance of physically having contact. Make sure you don’t drift into nostalgia so much that you get – or imagine – becoming involved again sexually. It’s not usually a good idea to revisit old ground.


Deep thoughts, Leo – deep dreaming! You have the ability to transform yourself completely into something new and beautiful this month. Butterfly time. However, remember that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ – and certainly the work on building it slowed down when Mercury was retrograde, which it is from 6th to the 26th of this month. So don’t get frustrated if things don’t happen either exactly as you want them to or as quickly as you’d like them to happen. It probably feels as if there’s one of those kindly, but strict, teachers from your school days standing perpetually at your shoulder at the beginning of the month telling what you need to do and when. Annoying. Do stuff in your own time.


Dreamy Virgo – for once. You might be dreaming of escape and excitement and, for once, you might feel you want to escape from routine and stop being so damn reliable for a moment or two. Telling Virgo to disregard the feelings of others for even a moment can be pointless. This could all feel a bit awkward to you this month though and, although emotions might be intense, careful you don’t ‘go off the rails’. Strange for me to be issuing such warnings but, although I enjoy a bit of chaos myself, be careful – particularly if you get tempted to gamble in any way. Your urge for spontaneity and change could lead to danger. Exciting!


Oh go on, Libra – rebel! Just a little bit at least – and for once, don’t care so much about spoiling the equilibrium of those around you. Do the things you’ve always wanted to do and allow yourself some space. Don’t be reckless though. I think there’s a chance that many of you could fall in love this month – but you may have to wait for something to come of it for a few weeks because, as for all of us, texts could go astray, words could be misinterpreted until after the 26th. It’s all very interesting for you and you may find you have no option except enduring a lack of harmony for a while in order to eventually gain the true harmony that you crave.


Careful of that Mercury retrograde as it moves backwards into your sign during November. Time to take stock, go over old ground and learn from what emerges. It’s as if the universe is asking you politely, “Have you got it yet?” If you have, that’s OK. Otherwise think about ways you can learn to understand. You’re looking for truth and clarity. Interestingly, the issues you become aware of and focus on are likely to be reflected by similar global issues. How many more secrets, well hidden until now, will emerge over the next few weeks? Try not to get too serious though. Indulge in some kind of harmless escape or squirrel-like behaviour – always a good idea at times like these. Who are you? You are who you want to be.


Full steam ahead, Sagittarius. With Mars in your sign this month, in opposition to Jupiter, the urge is probably to act fast and in a big way. However, from the second week until the 26th November, it could feel as if something or someone is dragging you back. You may feel as if you’re being pulled all over the place in fact  and yet it’s hard to get a handle on much at all. If I could, I would place you all on a private island with someone beautiful and tell you to get on with it with no distractions but, unfortunately, that would mean a lot of islands and that’s beyond me. So maybe imagine the island and avoid trying to do too many things at once?


Stodgy – or what? You want to be getting on with it but might feel weighed down until the end of the month. The very last thing you probably feel like doing is being amongst groups of people but that could be exactly what you need to do. It’s a necessary distraction. Planning is what you can do very successfully this month – planning on a very deep level. I always find it a little self indulgent (not the word I want to use but more polite) to perpetually ask oneself the question, “Who am I?” but that’s exactly what you need to do this month. This time is ‘deep and meaningful’ for you. Indulge away – in a solitary kind of way (oo-er). It’s good for you.


In some ways, life may feel a little as if it’s passing you by this month. Maybe it feels as if there’s not much happening apart from a relentless search for calm and equilibrium. By halfway through the third week of November, the trend should start to fade away. Try not to run yourself ragged and end up feeling exhausted. You should at least be able to get a handle on what’s been going on in your life recently by the end of the month. You really can trust your feelings at the moment – so follow your heart rather than your head this week and, whether you’re male or female, don’t forget to look after the women in your life – even those who are so familiar to you that they seem like part of the furniture.


Oooh, Pisces, you might be feeling very grounded this month – sensible and in need to tell everyone exactly what you think. Be careful though. I’m suggesting that your suggestions at the moment could be well off the mark so be careful! Don’t risk clashing with those you really care about by coming across as too opinionated. There are ways to logically explain what you what you think and what you need without having to upset the balance of everyone around you. On the other hand, personally, you might come up with a brilliantly innovative idea that could change your future.

Jaki Miles-Windmill D.F.Astrol.S


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