WINDMILL-WISE: Your horoscopes for October 2012 – Jaki Miles-Windmill D.F.Astrol.S

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01/10/2012 by Jaki Miles-Windmill

ARIES: It’s all go, Aries, with whatever it is you work at most. You are likely to feel both emotional and under some kind of challenge to ‘get on with it’. Life may not be as straightforward as you would like it to be. You like to act, work and get things done when YOU feel like it and you don’t like being pushed. Tough – that’s how it is this month. Your past may well be affecting your present and, unless you deal with it, it’ll affect your future as well. Confusion.  You may experience that ‘I’ve met you before feeling’ which we all like to think is a ‘karmic link’. A liaison with someone now (could be from your past in THIS life too) could rear it’s sexual head (oooeeeer beware of ‘karmic links’! He or she might have been anyone from a past life after all and not necessarily someone you’d like to have a physical link with.)

TAURUS: You can’t get on with the future until you’ve sorted the past. Feel the pain if you can and work through it. Don’t try to avoid it. You could be attracted towards investments – and  chances of all sorts. including those monetary and romantic. I possibly shouldn’t encourage you – but there is actually a chance of a lucky break unexpectedly bringing you some kind of windfall. You’ll be fantasizing big-time too and might feel it’s a good time to indulge in ‘escape’ by means of alcohol or whatever. It’s never a good way out at these sorts of times but it’s one way to avoid being a grown up and facing things head on I suppose. The confusion and risk taking is likely to leak into your sex life too. I’m glad I’m not a Taurus this month.

GEMINI: Go for it Gemini! Don’t ever pretend a lack of creativity – especially at times like these. Lateral thinking type ideas abound – or they should do if you’ll let them and stop flitting for a moment or two. This is a time to manifest and sort out some of the ideas that have been knocking about in your brain for a while. Be careful of clumsiness this month because there’s a possibility that you might damage yourself by simply not looking where you are going. Sexually, things should feel as if they’re on some kind of level footing – not good if nothing is going on at the moment because there might not be a change. If you’re in a relationship and you don’t want any surprises in that way, then you’ll enjoy this month – although, if you’re anything like some of the Geminis I know, boredom could be a problem.

CANCER: I hope you’re feeling very confident this month! There’s every indication that you should be. There’s a ‘straight-forwardness’ about you that people are likely to notice. If they don’t, you’ll be irritated. The accent is your home – or where you’re living at the moment anyway. You always value it hugely and the security you need to find there. But there will be opportunities to have truthful, emotional and satisfying ‘heart to hearts’ – more than usual – and you’re likely to find some unusual solutions to things that have been bothering you emotionally particularly concerning the people you live with. You might have an urge to indulge in some dangerous or speedy sport this month. If you do, enjoy it and be careful. Look to the future, definitely not the past, in issues connected with your sex life.

LEO: This is a good month for you as long as you feel up to coping with unexpected disruptions to your routines. These are likely to be unavoidable so be ready! You have more than enough strength to cope at the moment. It’s a creative time and you could find that you have to make unexpected journeys. You could also find that you are placed in a position of negotiation between people to sort out situations that have little directly to do with you. You have the ability to be objective this month. The key point is that you are required to create balance around you – perhaps sometimes within chaos. Make sure you look after your own harmony and peace of mind in the quiet moments. Nurture yourself. Get outside, even if it’s raining. Although, cosy physicality in front of a fire with someone you feel completely sure of is a good idea too.

VIRGO: You might need to write a few emails/make a few calls to sort out finance issues this month. There may have been issues around for a while but this is the month when they’re completely sortable. You’ll be emphatic and make decisions that are right – even if those closest to you don’t agree with them at the moment. Are you fantasizing about someone and/or thinking about how hurt you’ve been by relationships in the past? Turn this tendency into something positive if you can. Either make efforts to manifest the fantasy or take the time to think about what you’ve learned from past pain. Despite everything that’s happening, you could find yourself very much ‘in the  public eye’. Enjoy! Whatever it is you do will be taken seriously. I can’t forecast too much sexual action this month. Sorry….. 🙂

LIBRA: Expect an emotional month. You may be feeling restricted in and experience an urge to ‘break out’. My advice would be to do it, although it could push you out of your comfort zone and you might dislike me later for suggesting it. This month represents the beginning of your year as you will have just had, or be about to have, your birthday. There’s very much a feel about this particular Libra sun that makes me believe that whatever you start now will have consequences far beyond next year. So try to get your house in order (not easy, domestically, for Libras!) and make sure any rethinking of your lifestyle is likely to nurture you for years to come. As long as you focus on each thing at a time, there will be positive outcomes. This includes your sex life. Focus and don’t think of England……

SCORPIO: Oh Scorpio, is your sex life on hold because you’re being very sensible and thinking about how to avoid mistakes you’ve made in the past? What a pain – for you especially. But all will be well by the time October has gone. There’s likely to be a big transformation in your thinking in process on all levels this month but there’s every indication that positive changes will result. There’s a lovely aspect at the beginning of the month that makes me think that – if you visualize what you want this month in detail – you will get it.  Do it – and you’ll be on your way towards it. There could be a lot of sexual action this month and, as long as it’s new stuff, that’s fine.  You could also have an unexpected windfall born of sheer good luck.

SAGITTARIUS: Creativity, creativity, creativity! If that is a dirty word to you, maybe you should consider what it really means. There are all sorts of ways that you could be creative this month in the way that you generally approach your work and life. You could find that you’re being asked to communicate (your views specifically) in situations that involve groups of people. You could be creative in your thinking and come up with structures that involve new ways of being fair and just. If you’re an artistic Sagittarius, however, it’s an interesting month when you’ll need to trust to instinct and just ‘do’. Don’t think it through too much. Sexually, there may be issues that are being swept under the carpet so that you don’t have to face them. Alternately, you’re up to something behind someone’s back. If you have to stray, make sure no one finds out…….

CAPRICORN: Capricorns have been finding life a struggle recently. It’s specifically felt like the ‘one thing after another’ syndrome. But, as this tendency has been around for a while now, you should be getting used to it. It won’t go on forever – promise. You’re likely to find yourself having ‘heart to hearts’ with people, both from your past and present. Clear communication is ultra important in October. Make sure that these close encounters involve people you work with as well as loved ones. You’ll feel much brighter by the end of the month and not quite so bruised. In the meantime, you may well feel angry at the whole world. Try to resist the temptation to take the whole world on and don’t lose your temper, please. Sexually, there’s more likely to be action outside the home rather than inside. So take your partner out in a field, however cold it is. It’s the safest thing to do….

AQUARIUS: In 1979, Bob Dylan sang, “Gonna change my way of thinking, make myself a different set of rules…” This would be a good mantra for you this month. The song goes on to say that he’s going to, “Stop being influenced by fools….” Yep – that just about puts it in a nutshell. Nevertheless, there are always plenty of fools about so it’s a good idea to develop ways of clocking them quickly and then using strategies to ‘deal with’ as quickly as possible. It’s not worth allowing them to stray too far within your boundaries – and that’s what you’re tending to do at the moment. There’s a similar situation with your money flow this month. Don’t let it dissolve. Deal with it. It’s an emotional time for you but there are aspects in the universe that are supporting you to cope well. You’re in the Great School of Learning at the moment. Your sex life might have to wait on the sidelines for the time being :(. Never mind……

PISCES: Ouch! Theres plenty to be going on with then, isn’t there? You are probably sensing that decisions that you make this month are going to have crucial far-reaching consequences. However confusing life feels though, it would be great if you could resist your natural tendency to escape. You might feel indecisive because you’re very aware that ‘the whole picture’ is complex and there are many issues involved. My advice is to stay at home and plan. I can almost see you pushing the components around a huge table like a general in a military campaign. That’s what this needs – and it’s a better option than snoozing under the table. Any action towards decision making is better than none at all. There’s no need to ditch your visions and fantasies. Just make sure you include them. There’s the possibility of a lot of sexual activity this month – as long as you’re not too busy escaping to manage it.

Jaki Miles-Windmill D.F.Astrol.S


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