WINDMILL-WISE – Aries to Pisces – All of your horoscopes for September

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25/08/2012 by Jaki Miles-Windmill



 Jaki Miles-Windmill D.F.Astrol.S

ARIES: You are buzzing, Aries. Everything seems new and exciting and the possibility of ‘fresh starts’ abound. Life has been throwing up some interesting and unusual events for a while now but this month is a real opportunity to use chances and risks to your full advantage. Leisure activities could be risky if they involve speed, however, as could sexual encounters. Scary stuff. You are unlikely to really know clearly how you feel about loved ones this month and are in danger of getting involved for the ‘wrong’ reasons. So don’t commit, just indulge!

 TAURUS: Groups of people seem to feature significantly in your everyday activities. There may be a feeling this month of going over old ground. You may wonder when something exciting is going to happen. Same old, same old. Everything may seem a little out of reach generally. Sexual activity may seem a bit routine too. You will feel that some more spice is needed! But this will all change and you may soon have some important decisions to make.  Get your house in order and plan for excitement in October!

GEMINI: Stop thinking so much! Follow your heart and your instincts this month. You might find that people and events from the past come back to haunt you over the next month. Remember what you felt way back then and then let it go! This month is an opportunity to heal! Do you feel as if everything you do is being scrutinised and you can’t get away with anything? Great! Enjoy the attention. You can’t hide anyway until at least halfway through the month. So go for it sexually and every other way! Jump in!

CANCER: This will be an interesting month where you might be called upon to look after the world and all its underdogs. Well, get onto it! It’s what you most enjoy, after all, looking after people. But make sure that you give the people who love you the opportunity to give back and, if they don’t, cosset yourself. You’ll need some ‘me’ time. You might feel a little overwhelmed by everything that’s happening this month. Some kind of spiritual pursuit would be a good idea even if this just means a walk in the countryside – somewhere you can sort things out. There could, strangely, be a rampant sexual side to your life this month within the chaos. Enjoy!

 LEO: Ouch! There’s the possibility of being stung financially this month but you’ll be capable of sorting it too so don’t worry. If you get an opportunity to either travel or take up a new study, go for it big time because you’ll really benefit, even though you might think you can’t possibly afford it at first. Although you’re no stranger to strong feelings, you might feel more emotional than usual too. Sexually, things could be very energetic indeed. Lucky you – but, if you are single and don’t want to be ‘caught’, this could be hard to avoid this month.

 VIRGO: There’s likely to be plenty of opportunities for your lovely, tidy routines to be thrown out of kilter this month. There’s an unexpected opportunity to expand your world positively in some way but the circumstances may not feel that way to you. You don’t like unpredictability and you might be particularly concerned about those you love for some reason. I know you feel pressure because they rely on you to be steady but don’t worry, things will all have calmed down by October. Not much time to think about sex is there? Oh go on! The rest of your world can wait for five minutes, can’t they?

LIBRA: You could be occupied with issues surrounding your living space. What should you do about it? There will be decisions to make that should probably have been made a while ago. Well, get on with it! Financial problems won’t go away unless you act decisively – which you may well at last summon the energy to do this month. Sexually, things may well be on the up, if you get my drift. You feel sexually in tune. Jolly good. Get on with it – but don’t be caught doing things in your home space that would be safer done outside of it.  You know what I mean.

 SCORPIO: The sap is rising this month, Scorpio. Stuff, that you usually manage to sit on, needs an airing. What you don’t need to do is to fall back on old fantasies or the people that perpetrate them. New fantasies will be fine – and you may as well act on them as long as you remember that they are just that. Realisations about what is truth and what is not hit you on the nose. Reality and fantasy exist side by side in the world we live in. It’s all a dream anyway. Don’t fret about having sexual energy having nowhere to put it – of course you know where to find the action. Get going and take more risks – just be aware that’s what they are.

 SAGITTARIUS: Do you feel a little as if you can’t quite get a grip on what is going on – as if reality is shifting a bit and you can’t count on anyone or anything? Well, it’s not just a feeling. It’s what’s happening this month! You have to accept a temporary (we hope) state of ‘not knowing’. It will pass. It’s a good time to think about accepting the things you can’t change – for this month anyway. The fact is that you can’t control much anyway and if you must try to, make sure you  leave the door slightly ajar so that the unexpected can get in when it wants to. Who wants predictable anyway? Sexually, be open to the unexpected and try to make sense of it afterwards.

 CAPRICORN: Are you thinking about moving or changing – house, relationship, job, your mind? Possibilities of changes abound. Best to think before you leap – you know that. If you allow yourself real shifts of consciousness this month – inner changes you know are necessary including how you have your viewed life so far and how you can positively change, you are less likely to meet those kinds of cataclysmic external events that can sneak up behind you and bite your rump hard before you even realize they are there.  That’s how these kinds of transits work. Sexually you are likely to be feeling very edgy indeed – in the nicest possible way. Time to indulge in the sort of fantasies you’ve never had the nerve for before now.

 AQUARIUS: Does it feel as if there’s too much going on? Well, during the month of September, there is. It’s as if you’re being forced to meet with and to communicate with all sorts of people when you’d really rather be left alone. Anything for a quiet life is the hook. But unfortunately it doesn’t work like that because this month there’s a lot of sorting out to do. The holiday period is over for you – if you ever even had it anyway. You will find, however that you have more energy to cope than last month and that you are getting somewhere by the end of it. Sexually, things could start moving very freely this month. There’s a flow of sexual energy. Try to make sure that you’re not too busy to enjoy it….

 PISCES: Dream, dream, dream! That’s all you want to do but you’re being forced to confront issues this month very actively indeed and you may well be finding solutions to problems this month that you thought were unsolvable in August. It’s an emotional time when you may feel as if you’re every move is public. You can’t hide in September and that’s never easy for you! A lot of this activity may be to do with other people rather than yourself. You’re sorting them out. Sexuality may well feel as if it’s having to be put on the back burner. That’s a pain because you’d quite like some activity around now. Keep calm – and grab it when it’s on offer 🙂   

Jaki Miles-Windmill D.F.Astrol.S


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