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English: Che Guevara smoking a pipe at his gue...

English: Che Guevara smoking a pipe at his guerrilla base in Caballete de Casas, Cuba (in the Escambray Mountains) during the final months of the Cuban Revolution. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


03 Master of the Universe – Hawkwind


You are so much a part of me. My desire to grab at and project the very thing within any situation that makes people stop, think, jump outside of their boxes and look at things from a different angle. My desire to promote the different, the rebellious, the hungry for change, the alternative and the different – and also the chaotic. My desire to turn everything round and question what the majority of – anything – is saying or doing. It’s a very good job that I’m not male because, within the society in which we live, females keep such desires curbed a bit – and there are other bits of my chart that give me a huge desire not to upset other people’s feelings and spaces too much and to mother people who are in need of it. But often, nevertheless, I can’t control him – and I really don’t want to. He’s the storm that rages right underneath the surface of everything we do – and definitely everything I do. Without him, the politicians would get their ways – completely – and no questions would be asked. Few enough are as it is and I hate that – being a very Uranus kind of person (it’s on my MC and opposite my Sun for those who know about astrology). He’s the king of revolutions and the unexpected, the interesting, the pain in the backside in the middle of all the structures and the order. Yay for Uranus!

So – on Friday 13th of this month, Uranus decided to turn, from our viewpoint on the earth, and go backwards in the sign of Aries (retrograde) and he will remain that way for the rest of the year. Picture the young Che Guevara backed by the very vocal staff of the revolutionary paper IT from the 60s (if you’re old enough to remember the vibe, man) – yay Mick – steaming through the sky on his revolutionary way through the heavens. He turns and looks at you, eye to eye – and then walks back towards you…..

{He – Uranus – is at this moment – and will be of and on until 2015, making a strong square (angle of 90 degrees) to Pluto – don’t get me started on Pluto. This has happened at other important times in history, World War 1 and the French Revolution for instance. It doesn’t have to be that drastic – but don’t rule it out. We are being presented with the very real possibility of positive change in the way that we think, feel and organise ourselves. We are being asked to recognise spiritual truths – the truth of the situation. But of course we are getting in our own ways as usual. The Competition and Money Masters – The Idiots – are struggling to keep things the way they want them to be while the rest of us are (hopefully) getting more and more angry about it and some of us are being asked to stand up and be counted and be more active in our call for a fairer and juster society. This is a huge opportunity for positive change on all levels – but don’t underestimate the immoral nature of the challenged Idiots.}

Back to the Che Guevara-backed-by-the-staff-of-the-old-IT of the heavens. He’s turned back and is challenging us saying, “Stop and take a breather! What exactly is it you want to do to assist both yourself and the world in positive change?  What exactly is it that you want to say if we start shouting?” In other words, get your effluence together on a personal level – and maybe that just might help the global situation. So we’re in a bit of a breathing and thinking space within the challenges we all face while he turns back for a while.

My astronomically, astrologically intelligent and completely sensitive colleague and friend, Tchenka Sutherland, says in the ‘Astro Diary 2012’ (designed and created yearly by by Ceri Loxley and Tina Smale)

“Each individual must take responsibility and play their unique part in the emerging vision. If not now, when?”

Hoorah for Uranus!


2 thoughts on “URANUS OH URANUS

  1. Halla Sun says:

    From another Uranus on the MC opposite Sun (another bizarre likeness) that’s one excellent posting!

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