MERCURY RETROGRADE – Russell Brand runs backwards through the universe….

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18/07/2012 by Jaki Miles-Windmill

English: English comedian Russell Brand. Españ...

English: English comedian Russell Brand. Español: El comediante inglés Russell Brand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please, Mercury, go direct!

Uranus went retrograde on Friday 13th July and  Mercury went retrograde on Sunday 15th July.

These were both bad news for me.

Of course, no planet suddenly decides to turn direction and go backwards through the sky. They only appear to go backwards from the vantage point of the earth because of the way we are seeing them from Position Earth in their orbit around the sun. Nevertheless, when Mercury appears to go retrograde, it affects us. Maybe all the energy that the planets drag with them, and which we are subconsciously relating to and working with in our lives, suddenly reverse, when they do –  and we experience them differently. Mercury does this 3 times yearly for approximately 3 weeks. During these times, many things to do with communications and travel are affected to a greater or lesser degree globally – and personally, according to where they fall in relationship to your birth chart. It feels as if things are being thrown ‘out of kilter’. The energy drag alters and it certainly usually feels like a drag. The email you sent didn’t arrive, the contract is delayed, the computer stops working, your travel plans are altered, something you said was completely misunderstood – or not even heard.

Some people feel ‘mercurial’. The word is used in our language to describe people who are always talking and changing – body position, clothes, attitudes, occupations, locations. Mercurial people slip through your fingers, slither about, dash about like – er – mercury, the substance. Think about someone like Russell Brand, born under the sign of Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury. He might flit about a bit – but he doesn’t half pack a punch in terms of hard hitting home truths, jokes that slice up the establishment, relationships of all sorts – and he makes you laugh. Mercury is a joker. BUT – Mercury energy might appear to flit about like a butterfly but mess with him at your peril. (Personally, I’d love to mess with RB….) I tend to think of the planets as characters and Russell is a great help when it comes to Mercury.

Now imagine – Russell Brand is dashing through the sky on his one of 3 trips yearly around the sun. We can see him clearly in the sky. He waves, he gives us that cock-eyed and slightly malevolent but oh so attractive grin. Bit scary – but we sort of know where we are with him. THEN !…..THEN!……THEN SUDDENLY…… 3 times a year, just when we’re least expecting it, Russell sort of leaps sideways, does a jerky head over heels and runs back the other way ….”Citing!” he might say – but, according what area of life the energy direction is changing in your lives, you’re a bit thrown because you have to cope with him going backwards for a bit. It ain’t always easy. So – things you were going to do related to that area of your life are thrown up into the air and float around your room for the duration. You spend 3 weeks re assembling them, putting them back sort of where they were before – and then, when Russell decides to behave himself again and go back to forwards,  you’re fit to go again from where you left off 3 weeks earlier. Annoying. But ‘citing’. A bit.

If you want to know exactly in which areas of your life the Mercury retrograde will be affecting you (between 13th July and Wednesday 8th August), CONTACT ME – and I’ll tell you…..Damage limitation is always a good thing.


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