No4: AUNTIE DORIS SPEAKS HER TRUTH (Life as she sees it) – Thought for the day


17/06/2012 by Jaki Miles-Windmill

Auntie Doris, England manager? …….

I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve heard the following words spoken in interview by professional footballers and their managers: “ The fact is that, if we want to win, we have to score more goals.” It makes me laugh a lot. This morning I guffawed into my tea and it splattered on my knitting. I know absolutely nothing about football but I do know that’s a daft thing to say. I am forced to observe the national obsession because it surrounds me, whether I like it or not so I do my best to show interest, despite finding it all unutterably tedious. I do think I could possibly give interviews as an expert to this standard, though, standing on my head and may write to Auntie Beeb soon. Janet you may have to wait for your bed socks as, let it be known, I will  be watching the game this evening. Shamus and I have some jolly nice friends in Netherlands and, if they win, I might be invited over for a holiday. I must go. Have to dab off stains from socks. xxx


One thought on “No4: AUNTIE DORIS SPEAKS HER TRUTH (Life as she sees it) – Thought for the day

  1. bert keizer says:

    dearest doris,
    pray, do not speak lightly of football. one should speak heavily on what on all counts is the most dreary subject ever bubbling to the surface of brains in which we never knew there was suffiicient depth to make bubbling possible.

    (in Amsterdam we lament the horrible way in which our national team is being slaughtered.)

    as a consolation there is this sop: if they weren’t playing football they would be shooting and maiming and killing. at least, that’s what they say.

    lots of love and wishing you a reasonable day.



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