No 3: AUNTIE DORIS SPEAKS HER TRUTH (Life as she sees it) – Thought for the day


16/06/2012 by Jaki Miles-Windmill

Now my dears: ‘SMART’  What the hell does that really mean – and why? Conventional? Ironed? Suited? Sterile?  No frills , bright colours or patterns? Conservative? Boring? Eeek to all of those.

I certainly have never had any desire at all to look it. It implies cold, uncreative, uncomfortable and prissy to me – uptight at best and perverse at worse. ‘Smart’ seems to mean looking like you’ve got a stick up your bottom and as if you think you’re slightly better than everyone who isn’t your version of what you think it is. Women who are ‘smart’ often look more like men. Men who think they are ‘smart’ usually look more like women – little frail cotton blouses, tie things –  usually made to look like silk – around their necks that have to be knotted in the ‘right’ way, shorn hair and shiny, shaved faces that smell like ladies underwear drawers. How odd! And Yuk! Maybe ‘smart’ describes a subconscious desire to lose one’s sexuality and become hermaphrodite. You wouldn’t have caught my Shamus looking like that! I wouldn’t have let him go out looking so silly. Now he was a man…..


5 thoughts on “No 3: AUNTIE DORIS SPEAKS HER TRUTH (Life as she sees it) – Thought for the day

  1. Hat says:

    Auntie Doris, I am going to unsubscribe from this as I don’t want to fall out with you. Your comments are hurting my feelings. I can’t help being neat (yesterday) or smart (today). I do not judge others who are messy and wild, in fact I celebrate our differences. Please think about how judgemental you are sounding…to me at least. Let’s have a world full of diversity and embrace all comers! Long live love. X bye

  2. Doris says: “Bye Hat! (Since when have you ever dressed in a way that was uncolourful or boring?)”

  3. Doris adds: “Hoorah for the ‘smart’ bankers and the ‘smart’ MPs. Hoorah for the ‘smart’ soldiers! (Not) People who are ‘smart’ judge people who are ‘un smart’ a great deal more than the other way round.” I love you Doris.

  4. bert keizer says:

    O Doris, don’t be so smug. Joyce was smart. The smartest of ‘m all, he reckoned, and yet, for all his supposedly heartless smartness, his most unforgettable comment on life was a remark about a friendly couple: ‘They have no children, I wonder what such people live for’.

  5. Duh? Doris’ whole point was the the ‘smugness’ of the ‘smart’ brigade….Interesting how this post got the strongest reaction. Stronger than war and short hair and lawns. Hmmmmm. My father used to call anyone ‘unsmart’ – “the great unwashed” you may recall – a smug and derogaTORY comment if ever there was one – and not at all a unique opinion, still around years later.

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