AUNTIE DORIS SPEAKS HER TRUTH (Life as she sees it) – Thought for the day


14/06/2012 by Jaki Miles-Windmill

Men enjoy the idea of war. Otherwise they wouldn’t do it.

I can think of some things that men wouldn’t enjoy, the likes of which, if they had to encounter them on the battlefield, they would not have signed up for in the first place. It seems that the possibility of killing or being killed is no deterrent. War has never been a solution for anything historically. Additionally, we don’t appear to learn from it unless we are directly involved mortality wise – and sometimes not even then. This is compounded, my dears, by the fact that we often blame the other side for any maiming or deaths and never ourselves. War is, however, sociologically a very useful tool on the part of those in control. They encourage the idea of ‘glory’ and of patriotism because it helps to keep them in control. People who don’t think beyond their boxes often naively believe that they are fed the truth by ‘authority’. So war binds them together for a common esoteric, nebulous (and often based on lies) cause. This makes them feel warm, cuddly and very self-righteous – to say nothing of patriotic. Must get on with the tank top I’m knitting for my nephew.


3 thoughts on “AUNTIE DORIS SPEAKS HER TRUTH (Life as she sees it) – Thought for the day

  1. bert keizer says:

    thank you doris, for opening your heart and mind to us. there does seem to be something glamorous about war, which I (64,8yrs) do not see, but which michael herr described:
    in peacetime you dutifully stop at a red traffic light, in wartime when the light is red you blow up the entire junction.
    now I never blew up a junction and will have to live with that.
    think I’ll manage.
    kiss for Jaki from Bert.

  2. Hat says:

    Jak, I love what you write but have only just managed to read it as it is now yellow on black. Earlier, both on my computer and ipad it came up as yellow on white and was impossible to read – which is a shame when Doris is being so wise! Did you design it as lovely clear yellow on black? Hope it isn’t invisible on
    others’ computers. X

  3. I have forwarded your comments to Doris who says Hi to Bert and Hat but, she regrets, the tank top is too important to delay as the complicated fairisle pattern is ‘dead hard’. Hope red on white is more clearly translated to ‘them complicated i thingies’ she said – and then dropped a stitch and swore badly. xxx

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