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31/05/2012 by Jaki Miles-Windmill

Astrology is not necessarily a ‘psychic’ practice. It is based on observable facts. Over three thousand years of observed human reaction to various positions of the planets has resulted in the art – or science – of Astrology. The cynic will state that there is no scientific basis for these observable facts. The same cynics – several hundred years ago – would have said that there was no scientific basis for believing that the world was round. The proof had not been discovered yet. Observations and ‘scientific’ research regarding the spherical nature of the earth became more and more justifiable and finally the ‘scientists’ agreed. It would of course be stupid to believe everything that people tell us without looking at the facts and equally stupid to dismiss something without looking at the evidence for ourselves.

Cynics cannot argue the effect of the Sun and Moon on our lives. It’s not difficult to consider the possibility that maybe other planets in our universe might affect humanity too if we understand that everything within it is related to everything else. We believe things if they are validated by our experience. We don’t get experience unless we take time to find out whether something works or not, however unlikely the foundational beliefs of a system seem to be. My opinion is – who cares if there is no scientific ‘proof’ so far? If it works, it works! Even though my experiences of validation as a result of my practice of astrology are considerable, I am still amazed by it. I am similarly fascinated by my experience of validation within my shamanic practices.

Much of what we choose to do is influenced by parental, environmental influences, peer pressure and events that we have encountered in our lives.  Astrology and shamanic work are both capable of illuminating self-awareness, the root causes of events and positive possibilities for the future. Life tends to move in ’phases’. The influences and length of these phases can be clarified. There are few things more useful than being given some awareness of when a difficult time might come to an end.

I’m often asked what I believe about fate versus choice. I don’t believe that everything that happens to us is completely ‘fated’. We have free choice in regard to the trends, events and situations that we meet. It’s helpful to focus on positive ways that we can use the energies that are around us and within us at any one moment in time. It can be useful to gain information about the best time for an event to take place that we have control over, a business deal or a house or job move for instance. However, we all deal with things in our own way. Astrological and shamanic ‘advice’ is available. What you chooses to do with it is entirely up to you.


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